Strategic Cost Optimization – Tools & Techniques

Strategic Cost Optimization – Tools & Techniques

  • Date of Seminar: 11, 12, 13 & 14 November 2019
    From 4:00 pm Till 7:00 pm
  • Duration: 12 hours spread over 4 days
  • Location : West Hall, Beirut Symposium Executive Centre, Wardieh Street, Sin el-Fil, Beirut, Lebanon;
  • Instructor: George Assilian

The purpose of this seminar is to enable the participants comprehend cost optimization techniques through alignment of cost reduction methods with strategy, leading to resource optimization & maximizing stakeholder benefits.

Price : $400

  • Seminar Objectives

    In difficult economic environments & when facing margin pressures, businesses seek to improve performance by implementing rapid & broad cost cutting measures.  These may deliver short term benefits, but not get to the heart of cost drivers.   At worst, these measures impact business operations & may hamper future business growth, and would eventually reduce stakeholder benefits.


    Therefore, reduction of wrong expenses can have disastrous effects on long-term results.  This seminar provides a structured approach to cost management, by prioritizing expenditures & differentiating value generating costs from value eroding costs, and therefore extends beyond the short-term cost saving methods.   The seminar highlights some of the key dimensions of the business in order for executives to identify the core cost drivers and take steps to effectively manage costs in a sustainable manner.

  • Outline

    Attending the seminar will be a valuable opportunity to capitalize on the trainer’s well rounded field experience and knowledge.  At the end of this seminar the participants will have a greater understanding of the following topics:

    1. Cost management systems and structures;
    2. Basic cost management concepts;
    3. Cost optimization methods and tools;
    4. Cost control and tools;
    5. Cost reduction options;
    6. Activity Based Costing & ABC management;
    7. Working capital management;
  • Target Audience

    The target audience includes the below executives especially those involved in business performance improvement, including:

    • Business owners, CEOs & managers;
    • Presidents and vice presidents;
    • Heads of department
    • Senior managers
    • Chief financial officers, Financial controllers & Accounting managers;
    • Project managers;
    • Budget analysts;

    The seminar is also useful to executive who undertake significant change initiatives, involving multiple functions.

  • Delivery Method

    The seminar features a series of lectures supported by discussion sessions, video presentation and case studies in key areas.

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