Finance for Non-Financial Executives

Finance for Non-Financial Executives

  • Date of Seminar: 14, 15, 16 & 17 January 2019
    From 4:00 pm Till 7:00 pm
  • Duration: 12 hours spread over 4 days
  • Location : Beirut Symposium Executive Center, Sin el Fil, Beirut
  • Instructor: George Assilian

The purpose of this seminar is to enable executives understand basic accounting, analyze & interpret commonly used financial information & to interpret the various components of a set of financial statements that lead to better decision making and working effectively with the financial managers of their organizations.

Price : $400

  • Seminar Objectives

    Executives & managers in every functional area need to communicate finance related matters more effectively, understand the basic accounting principles, analyze a set of financial statements, read & use company reports & grasp other managerial accounting aspects. Empowering non-financial executives with a framework of essential financial terminology, concepts and applications will lead to effective running of operations and efficient strategic decisions allowing these executives to communicate comfortably with any financial executives within an organization.

  • Outline

    Seminar Outline   
    The seminar covers the following topics;

    • The Accountant's Role in the Organization;
    • Basic Financial Statements;
    • Accounting Cycle & Accounting Transactions;
    • Accounting Concepts, Assumptions & Principles;
    • Introduction to International Financial Reporting Standards;
    • Tools & Techniques of Financial Statement Analysis;
    • Creative Accounting & Financial Statements Fraud;
  • Target Audience

    Professionals, executives, managers in any industry and organization with little background or work experience in the field of accounting & finance and who make or contribute to decisions with significant financial implications;

  • Delivery Method

    The seminar features a series of lectures supported by discussion sessions, video presentation and case studies in key areas.

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