Computer Security Seminar

Computer Security Seminar

  • Date of Seminar: 23, 24 & 25 April 2018
    From 17:00 till 20:00
  • Duration: 9 hours spread over 3 days
  • Location : West Hall, Beirut Symposium Executive Centre, Wardieh Street, Sin el-Fil, Beirut, Lebanon
  • Instructor: George Assilian

The purpose of this hands-on seminar is to assist staff in any organization understand the potential computer security issues and to provide advice & steps necessary that should be adopted to protect your computers, mobile devices, information & identity, etc.

Price : $300

  • Seminar Objectives

    Survey has indicated that computer systems security is one of the major business concerns of executives and managers. The reason for this concern is mainly due to the lack of knowledge and experience by executives in this key business area.
    The Computer Security seminar provides a managerial perspective on computer security and is presented in a non-technical manner. It provides a basic understanding of relevant data processing concepts, and explains the most significant controls that should be present in a data processing environment

  • Outline

    • Overview of computer security;
    • Data processing department procedures;
    • Segregation of duties;
    • Program security;
    • Controls over system development and implementation;
    • Control over use of the computer;
    • Back up and contingency planning procedures;
    • Controls over the use of microcomputers;
    • Network security;
    • Security review and risk assessment;
    • Open session    

  • Target Audience

    Attendance at the seminar would benefit anyone who is concerned with ensuring fraudulent activity is prevented or detected.

  • Delivery Method

    The seminar features a series of lectures on computer security supported by a video, discussion sessions & illustrations in key areas. The video focuses on the ever-growing threats of cyber theft that can allow a system to be deliberately sabotaged.

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